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Developer: Infinite Studio Mobile
8.99 usd

TouchDraw is a vector 2D drawing and diagramming application for Android.TouchDraw gives you everything you need to create structured 2D vector graphics such as flow charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, logos and floor plans just to name a few. What makes TouchDraw especially valuable is that it allows you to not only create complex graphics, but to change them easily as well.
TouchDraw differs from a paint program in that objects are always managed independently of the drawing they're in. You can move a figure around, change it's shape, change it's color, group it, without affecting other shapes that are around around.
You can easily share drawings with users on other platforms as TouchDraw is also supported on iPad and Macintosh.
Feature List:
Shape Libraries* Create your own libraries of re-usable shapes, or use one of the bundled libraries. The following libraries are included with TouchDraw- Common networking shapes- Basic Flowcharting- Basic Architectural shapes- Basic Icon Library- Balloons and Callouts- Simple Shapes (hearts, diamonds, arrows, etc...)- Import, Export and Sharing
* Export your drawings via the following formats:- Native TouchDraw Format- PDF- PNG- JPEG- SVG- Visio (VDX/XML Drawing format only)
* Import drawings in the following formats:- SVG- Visio (VDX/XML Drawing format only)- EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile)- WMF (Windows Metafile)
Standard Features* Lines* Squares/Rectangles* Rounded Rectangles* Circles/Ellipses* Polygons* Path Tool- Easily create complex curves, shapes and paths* Freehand Tool- Turn freehand lines into smooth curves* Image Tool- Add images from your photo library to your drawings.* Text Tool- Support for font, style, size and alignment configuration* Grouping/Ungrouping* Locking/Unlocking* Rotation* Unlimited levels of zoom* Dynamic canvas size- No artificial limits on the size of your drawings* Undo/Redo* Cut/Copy/Paste* Grid & Rulers- Unit aware grid support with optional snap to grid support.- Visual feedback to your current location within a drawing.* Alignment (align left, align right, etc...)* Ordering (move to front, move to back, etc...)* Shadows* Line decorations (arrowheads, etc...)* Layers* Organize your drawings into multiple layers.
Advanced Tools* Connectable graphs- Support for creating flow charts and other diagrams.* Boolean Path Operations* Add, subtract, intersect or exclusion* Custom font support- Import and use your own TrueType or OpenType fonts